Orlen Oil

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Semisynthetic oil perfectly mixing with fuel, guaranteeing high protection against carbon depositing and very low smoke emission, in every working conditions it keeps lubricating oil film protecting the engine against wearing out at high revolution value and in high temperature.
‚ÄčA new formula of the most popular cooling fluid in Poland. The Petrygo Q New radiator fluid is manufactured using the highest quality ethylene glycol and a carefully selected set of additives to provide full protection of aluminium, cast-iron and mixed cooling systems
Oil manufactured from highly refined base oils and a set of enriching additives.
Pilarol VG 140 is intended for mechanical saw cutting systems (chain) and guides used in forestry, horticulture, etc.
Engine Oil / Transmission Oil
Vehicle gear mineral oil with very good lubricating, antioxidative, anticorrosive and antifoaming properties.
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