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Our modernised warehouse and extensive stockholding make us the leading distributor of hydraulic hose, hydraulic couplings, adaptors, oils, greases, filtration and ground engaging wearparts.

IFM are Ireland's premier distributor of global brands that include GATES, Orlen Oils, FUCHS, Baldwin filtration and ESCO wearparts.

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Petrygo Q NEW fluid concentrate for radiators is produced based on high quality ethylene glycol as well as a specially chosen set of refining additives. These ensure full protection of the engine and cooling systems made of aluminium or other metal alloys and mixed systems. Thanks to the capability of any dilution with water, it allows one to select the crystallization temperature according to current needs. Regardless of the manner of diluting, the fluid forms a resistant protective coating in the system, protecting it from corrosion and cavitation during operation of up to 100 thousand km or 3 years of use. Its optimized technology guarantees high fluid stability during longterm storage as well as in the course of use. It may be mixed with other cooling fluids which fulfil equivalent parameters and are based on ethylene glycol. Does not contain toxic nitrates, silicates, amines, borates or phosphates. • protects the cooling system from corrosion and cavitation • safe for rubber and plastic elements • protects the system from overheating • prevents excess formation of sediment and scale deposits • safe for the natural environment