About Us



Industrial & Farm Machinery Limited, or IFM as it is better known, was founded in 1968 as a wholesale and retail distributor of hydraulic hose and couplings, adaptors, oils and greases and other ancillary products. We operate from our modern warehouse at Mullins Cross, Dunleer, Co. Louth.

Our mission is to provide a high quality service to our customers through the supply of products from global brands like Gates Hydraulics and Fuchs, Orlen and Rockman Lubricants.

The strength of company lies within the highly qualified and motivated staff that provides technical knowledge and assistance to the various industry sectors.

IFM is dynamic company and are constantly seeking better ways of doing business. As technology continues to change, IFM through its suppliers are constantly distributing new products onto the market. Gates Hydraulics recently revamped their products and this new technology means less handling and repairing for their product users. This leads to savings by reducing down-time when repairing machines. Fuchs Lubricants released the famous Reiner Grease Gun that revolutionised grease application.

Safe Hydraulic Training:

The Safe Hydraulics training is a comprehensive end-user education programme. It combines Gates Fluid power product training with safety and a preventative maintenance overview.

IFM offer a SAFE Hydraulic programme for users of hydraulic products. Together with their partner, Gates Hydraulics, IFM offer this course to their customers to ensure that they have all the information necessary to use their machine in the safest possible manner.

Why Preventative maintenance?

The reasons for preventative maintenance are endless from costly repairs, production downtime and worker injury are to name but a few potentially dangerous consequences of not adhering to safe hydraulics protocol. A good preventative maintenance programme should allow you to proactively identify weaknesses before they occur.

Choosing the right components

Only hose and couplings that are designed to work together should be used together. Mixing and Matching of components can lead to failure or worse consequences. European legislation (EC directive 98/37 , EN982) forbids "mixing and matching" hose and connectors of different sources due to the fact that they can react adversely to each other causing downtime or worse personal injury. Gates offer a complete range of hose and couplings all designed to work together safely and efficiently.